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Syrians Around The World is an online conference to mobilise the Syrian diaspora to connect and support Syrian students’ education and employment prospects in Syria and the region. It is organised by the International Syrian Association for Education Development, supported by Chevening, and run in partnership with Jusoor and the Saïd Foundation.

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Day 1: Sat 27 Mar (4-7 PM GMT/7-10 PM SYR)
Day 2: Sun 28 Mar (5-7 PM GMT/7-9 PM SYR)

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This conference is organised by the following partners. You can click on any organisation to read more about their work.

Speakers and Facilitators


Opening remarks, agenda, and house-keeping notes

The main panel will discuss the importance of building bridges among the Syrian diaspora themselves, and between the members of the diaspora and Syrians inside Syria and the neighbouring region. The panel will cover the imperatives, opportunities and challenges associated with building the bridges that will contribute to the rebuilding of Syria and to supporting Syrian refugees. It will also cover the role of the diaspora in the future of Syria and what the future could look like for the recently dispersed global Syrian community.


The panel will discuss topics around accessing higher and continuous education in the region and internationally. Speakers will cover topics such as educational opportunities available, future prospects, and inclusivity and accessibility. Are these opportunities contributing to the brain drain or gain?  What is their impact on the inclusive, equal development of Syria? Speakers will also engage with crucial topics emerging from an increasingly digital learning environment, discussing opportunities and challenges, looking at both inclusivity and accessibility.

The panel will discuss the role of the Syrian diaspora in supporting Syrian students’ education, exploring challenges and requirements  for meaningful engagement with students and alumni in the region.

The facilitator will highlight local and regional success stories, cultivating conversation with future leaders who inspire us with their perseverance and resilience.


Join Syrians from all over the world in a networking event after the conference 

Opening remarks, the agenda, and house-keeping notes

The panel will discuss topics related to the current status of the market in the region and its future prospects. Speakers will also cover topical areas including the impact of COVID-19, the fourth industrial revolution, 21st-century skills, and working remotely, discussing how Syrian students and refugees can and should be prepared.

The panel will engage with topics around the role of the Syrian diaspora in creating market opportunities in the region, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting refugees’ economic independence, and creating cross-country economic relations amongst the diaspora. Other topics to be explored by the speakers include the role of the diaspora in the post conflict recovery stage and addressing crucial challenges to the economic development of Syria.

The aim of this section is to have a discussion and learn from international success stories of Syrians abroad who can inspire us with their creativity and perseverance.

We will close the event with call to action

Join Syrians from all over the world in a networking event after the conference

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Participating Organisations

This conference brings together several organisations supporting Syrian students’ education and employability. You can click on any organisation to read more about their work.

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